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The project entitled “Research Innovation and Technology Center for New Materials” RITecC, aims to overcome the barrier between Romanian research and its industrial applications in the field of advanced materials. The project sets as its main goal, the construction of a new building which would host the center and the acquisition of specific equipments required for three new laboratories, complementing NIMP’s present infrastructure and enabling capitalization of the know-how already existing at national level. By implementing this project, NIMP aims to develop advanced materials preparation technologies, with a high applicative potential, compatible with modern industrial processes, and also to develop adequate characterization methods for such materials.

L1. Laboratory for production, processing and analyzing of functional materials for high- technology applications

It targets the technological development and innovation in the field of functional and multifunctional materials applications, in key fields such as, informational society, unconventional energies, sensors and devices with applications in agriculture, food industry, biology and medicine, telecommunications, security or environment protection.

L2. Laboratory for production, processing and analyzing materials for increasing life quality

It aims at the development of innovating preparation and characterization methods that can be considered being at the border between biology, chemistry and physics. The applications are numerous, in chemical and petrochemical industry, in cosmetics industry, food or medical industries, as well as archeology or conserving the heritage fields.

L3. Laboratory for production, processing and analyzing materials for extreme conditions

It is devoted to development and delivery of technological solutions, materials and complex composites which are to be used in extreme conditions, especially by modifying their surface properties. The applications are related to energy production industry, transports, and defense or aero-space industries.

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